Rewari Junction

Railway junction of the Rewari city is an important place in the City .Daily thousand of visitors travel to or from this station. Rewari station came into existance in 1880 and is among the few oldest railway station of india. Once the largest and most prestigious junction of meter gauge in Asia still had an important place in the list of railway junctions of india. Rewari junction falls on the Major North west trunk route i.e. Delhi Ahmedabad Railway line and 82 kms away from Delhi.At present trains to five directions runs from rewari namely .

1.Delhi (Double Lane),

2.Ajmer via Phulera, Ringas,

3.Ahmedabad via Alwar and Daussa ,

4.To Bhatinda via Bhiwani, Hissar

5.Bikaner via Mohindergarh, Sadulpur.

The sixth line between Rewari and Rohtak is under construction and will be running by end of 2010. Seventh railway line connecting rewari to palwal via Bhiwadi through Mewat has also been cleared by the railway authorities recently.


Today the rewari railway junction has 11 platform and facilty of ATMs, Parking, Reservatin hall , Waiting hall for the passengers. At present around 88 trains passes through the rewari junction. Trains Like Fairy Queen and palace of wheels passes through Rewari . Shatbadi express and Rajdhani express too have a run through rewari with the former having a stopage as well of 2 minutes on the junction.Other important trains includes Ashram Super fast (Delhi-Ahmedabad), Pooja Super fast (Ajmer- Jammu Tawi), Garib Rath( Jaipur-Chandigarh), Samprk kranti (Delhi -Jodhpur) , Recently the North West railways has started reconstrution and reniewation work at the cost of around 55 crore to modernise the station and to increase the facilties at the railway station.The work is now in progress and scheduled to be finished in next 2 months .Construction of new platform is under way and 2 lines on city side, also the construction of yard had started recently. After these projects finishes rewari will really get a profile of A grade staion in true sense . According to railway officials once the work finishes rewari junction will not be less then New Delhi Railway station.